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Operational Resilience Intelligence

Platform for Dynamic Pricing and Global Risk Transfer

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Future proof your business by gaining meaningful insights about the total economic impact and losses caused by Operational Risk perils.

Big Data Mining
and Mapping

Enabling Insurers and Governments to map, calculate and understand potential losses and time of recovery within particular industry or territory.

Telematics Enables Continuous Monitoring

Business Interruption insurance policies are often providing a “blanket cover” however acute factors identified in the Business Impact Analysis may allow continuous monitoring of specific critical factors, saving time, money and resources.

Assisting Actuaries - Reducing Reliance on Modelling

Although mathematical modelling is still prevalent among insurers and third party loss-assessors, Audeamus Risk aims to supply complementary quality data from the very source of potential loss.

IoT Creates
Data Revolution

Abundant amounts of data produced by organisations around the world may carry significant value for the Insurers and Cedents alike. IoT provides additional opportunity for third-party analytics specialist to place their qualified results through Audeamus Risk platform.

Recent News

November 22, 2019

Regulation Asia RegTech Award and High Commendation for Excellence

In a rigorous selection process involving a judging panel made up of subject-matter experts and the Regulation Asia editorial team, Audeamus Risk was selected to be recognised for its innovative next-generation reporting ready BIAX platform for operational risk resilience. The BIAX platform enables dynamic monitoring of the resilience posture and allows banks and regulators to take immediate corrective action rather than wait for ‘scheduled review periods’, which is commonly the case

October 10, 2019

Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey Report 2019

Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey 2019, conducted by Marsh and Microsoft investigates the state of cyber risk perceptions and risk management at organizations worldwide, especially in the context of a rapidly evolving business environment.

April 25, 2019

What Is 4D Resilience Intelligence and Why Does It Matter?

The impact of operational risk on asset valuations has riddled the insurance industry for far too long. So far, it has focused on a two-dimensional view, but new standards and advanced technologies are allowing professionals to move to a real-time four-dimensional view, which forms a solid basis for dynamically priced risk.