Audeamus Risk is an Australian advanced-analytics company and the pioneer of the next generation Resilience Intelligence. Audeamus Risk provides real-time monitoring, profiling and online auditing of the organisational resilience against any type of operational risk. It is one of the first AI platforms that enables next generation reporting in © 4D and measures the impact on balance sheet in real-time. It also provides information about the total economic losses associated with highly liquid situations, which typically carry a long-tail risk. Audeamus Risk being a data-intel company, operates equally in RegTech, InsurTech and SupTech domains.

The platform delivers advanced appraisals to decision makers about the company’s resilience posture and its ability to face adverse events, failures in regulatory compliance or protracted business interruption. Most importantly, it allows management boards and regulators to understand how it may affect the financial position and reputation of an incumbent. It continuously audits a company’s capacity to restore operation in an increasingly complex environment of co-dependent supply chains and technologies.

Due to its broad IP, Audeamus Risk is recognised as one of the global leaders in dynamic pricing of operational risk.

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